Ethereum and Conflux: The Similarities and Differences

With the world rapidly and certainly becoming a digital village, it would inevitably need a currency that is trusted, secure, and decentralized. There is a currency that offers this, and it is widely known as cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a currency that represents digital files in monetary value. This virtual currency is created by cryptography (the science of coding information) and protected by a digital signature to keep transactions secure and direct without the interference of third parties such as the government or banks.

It means that people who trade, invest, or sponsor cryptocurrencies…

By Ehis Omozusi on The Capital

Recently, I was speaking with a friend who disagrees that finance will fully be decentralized. While I believe that the future of finance is decentralized, I am aware that this future we hope for can’t magically appear tomorrow even if we want it to.

Imagine a world with little or no middlemen, boardless transactions, financial inclusion reaching ninety-nine percent, stress-free know your customer (KYC) processes, and so on. Where you have no restrictions on what country you can get a loan from and who you are lending to. As long as your money is secure and using properties for collateral…

By Ehis Omozusi on The Capital

With the growing popularity of digital assets on the African continent, many cryptocurrency exchanges have opened up within the last few years. The blockchain has diverse business opportunities, the most popular aspect being utilized the most would be exchanges. According to blockchain wallets have been on the rise reaching over 47 million Blockchain wallet users at the end of March 2020.

By Ehis Omozusi on The Capital

Few facts about the African market:

Africa is the second most populous continent with 1.1 billion people, 16% of the world’s population. Over 50% of the African population are under the age of 25, this makes the continent a very interesting one for new technologies and blockchain innovations. The continent has approximately 30% of the earth’s remaining natural resources,the continent has the largest reserves of precious metals with over 40% of the gold reserves, over 60% of the cobalt, and 90% of the platinum reserves. Nigeria is the fourth largest oil exporter in the world, and Africa’s biggest oil producer with about 2.2 million barrels produced…

By Ehis Omozusi on The Capital


After the global recession of 2008, financial services have been viewed as one of the least trusted industries. With a total of 1.7 billion people who currently lack access to financial services, the current global financial system has proved to be inefficient in multiple aspects. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for seventeen percent of the global unbanked population. A study made by a PWC analyst, claims that 45% of financial intermediaries like money transfers and stock exchange suffer from serious cybercrimes every year, leaving the public at a financial loss and data exploitation.

Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is an alternative…

Ehis Omozusi

African regional marketing at Conflux Network. Interested in Blockchain technology and how it can shape the future of finance around the globe

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